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Who we are? – Advertiser and Artists


The idea of an online TV was created in 2001 by Daniel and James Sheehy Driver with experiences in the field of video production. By cons, at that time, few people were interested in online video and decided to put the idea on hold. Later, Daniel Driver becomes the sole shareholder of Télénation inc. The challenge was to come up with revolutionary products like video advertising Clickers which are somehow an advertising interactivity between consumers and advertisers. In addition, other services are also available through our online television that offers a varied program. Everything to please the audience!

The advantage

How to make interesting advertising? Many websites use the banners as a means of advertising. So site owners who install these banners are paid by advertisers for each click. Google is a leader in this field with Adsense and Adwords. Télénation pub The clickers are paid by viewing video ads. Now we have linked traditional television with that of pay per click!

The aim pub clickers

By combining the benefits of TV advertising to those of pay per click, we want to create a new way of presenting advertising. Everyone wins! The consumer receives compensation by viewing the online video advertising and advertisers are more aware of consumer needs. Advertisers can then submit online video ads depending on the market they want to present.

Are we paying quickly?

You must first register by completing the form. Once you have finished entering your information, an email will be sent to the address you provided. By clicking on the link received in your email, you perform the validation of your profile. We will ask you some additional information. Once this step is completed, you are a member and you have access to the “AD Clickers” section. From that moment, your personal page provides video advertising products and services. To earn winnings, simply click to view, then enter the validation code and voila!