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F.A.Q – Advertiser and Artists

How to start a video ad campaign?

• You must register by going to the drop down menu to open an account Advertisers or Artists.
• Next you must login and click on my account and create a new ad.
• Determine the number of clicks (CPC) and make your Paypal payment or free of charge.
• Fill in the appropriate bins and put the YouTube ID or upload your advertising or artistic matters the video file on our path by browsing your files.
• Choose the specific market segment (age, employment, income, language, etc ..)
• Télénation will validate your ads within 24 hours and they will be released soon.

What are the costs charged to registered video ads?

• Costs are per clicks (CPCs) viewed by an advertiser is $ 0.50 and for an artist

Wich video ad formats do we use?
• Most formats are accepted.

What is the minimum amount of an advertising campaign?

• An advertising campaign is payable in advance.
• No registration fees, start-up or other miscellaneous expenses.

Is a security system is used?

• Different control systems have been put in place to prevent illegal acts.

How does the accounting for clicks?

• At the end of the viewing, when the pub clickers fit a confirmation number. Their IP numbers is retained at registration and must be the same on each visit.

How are identified clicks?

• A unique number should be recorded and appear in a box. This number confirms that the advertisement was viewed entirely.

Who handles payments AD Clickers?

Télénation pays AD Clickers, the following month, when they reached a $ 20 threshold. Obviously, they can earn and accumulate gains over several months.


Here are the steps to follow:

1. Click on the dropdown menu and select Artists and Advertisers registration.
2. Complete the registration form.
3. The fields with stars are mandatory.
4. Turn on www.telenation.tv
5. Enter your user name and password.
6. Once connected, click My Account or advertisements.
7. Good session!

You can send me your comments via email or phone:


Tel .: 514-953-9652

Description of payment methods in Télénation inc.

We accept payment with PayPal and most major credit cards are accepted. This payment method is the fastest of all, since the payment is received immediately at Télénation inc. So we are able to proceed your order as soon as you have made your payment.