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Terms & Conditions – AD Clickers


(Hereinafter called) “Télénation Inc.”
(Hereinafter called) “AD Clickers”

The names of several men was used to lighten the text.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Click on the dropdown menu and select AD Clickers registration.
2. Complete the registration form.
3. The fields with stars are mandatory.
4. Turn on www.telenation.tv
5. Enter your user name and password.
6. Once connected, click Advertisements.
10. Click one of the commercials mention pay.
11. Immediately a unique number of 4 characters will appear for 15 seconds or start over.
12. Enter this number in the box (validation) to the right of the screen before time is elapsed then click on the submit button. Good session!

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WHEREAS The AD Clickers wish view video advertisements and photos on the website Télénation Inc. from gains;

WHEREAS Télénation Inc. agrees to provide the advertising Clickers a gain on its website, and to provide various other services described below, for good and valuable consideration;

WHEREAS this agreement comes into force after the approval by the member of the completed form and without the signature of this contract is necessary. According to Article 2827 of the Quebec Civil Code and Section 35 of the Act respecting the legal framework for information technology provides that it is possible to contract through electronic agents

WHEREAS the parties have the capacity and quality of exercise all the rights required for the conclusion and implementation of the agreement found in the present contract;


The preamble is an integral part of this contract.

Articles 1.1 Purpose of AD Clickers
The contract objectives are first to define the AD Clickers who will receive the revenue per click (viewing) telenation.tv advertisements on the site. Registration to the service is on the form, and use of the service is governed by the contract between the pub and Clickers Télénation. Modifications and additions or withdrawals can be made by Télénation without préaviser the Clickers ad. All AD Clickers agree to have read the contract and must accept the contract terms after their enrollment.

Articles 2 Contract Amendments
An email will be sent to all AD Clickers; while some terms of the contract are changed, added or removed by Télénation. The email address will be that the pub has Clicker recorded during registration. If the terms and conditions are not suitable for users their accounts may be revoked. If the AD Clickers continuous membership to the site, their account will remain active as agreed.

Articles 3 Conditions of registration

• The AD Clickers must be aged 14 or over to participate in activities that Télénation offers users.
• Only your true identity to be used during registration, Télénation refuses false identities. It is forbidden to activate several accounts under borrowed names or which do not correspond to your real identity. Your computer should be operated only by a person in this case when you get Télénation services.
• Your email and password to be used to access your account. This information is your responsibility and you must protect confidential data. Changes essential data from your account are made, when connected you click My Account and then at the bottom of the profile page update. You are responsible for your use of télénation.tv, and any other person with access to your account.
• Any fraud or illegal activities committed by one or AD Clickers are liable to prosecution and the closure of its account. The suspension of an account is possible, if people are viewing commercials for you. Your email must be functional when registering on the site Télénation.
• If your email address is overloaded, or a change of address has not been validated; your account may be suspended.
• All the bots users will see the closure of their accounts.
• Accessible by the system of access to Internet of origin, the one you used for registration is allowed for Télénation your activities on the site.

Articles 4 Limitations of Liability
Télénation recognizes no material or financial loss sustained as a result of visits to its website. For example, failure of computer hardware or suspension of an account.

Articles 5 Special Provisions
Users and Télénation are independent; no partnership is born between the different parties. Agencies, franchises, sales representatives or employees in connection with Télénation: AD Clickers remain independent and are not associated by extension. It is forbidden to represent or claim to represent Télénation for any reason whatsoever to establish a contract or use the name on other Internet sites or even elsewhere. Such acts are contrary to these terms of this contract.

Article 6 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
• All information you provide at registration to Télénation are secure.
• Your personal information will remain confidential; they will not be sold or transferred to third parties.
• If you want to change your account within 24 hours will be required to change the account. Only if it is recognized by Télénation.

Articles 7 Terms of service access
Upon validation of your registration card; a summary account will be assigned to the user. It is possible that Télénation reserves the right to temporarily suspend operations for maintenance reasons of his website. The suspension of its activities does not give right to any compensation, even if no notice was formulated by Télénation.

Articles 8 Clicker Bonds ad
Once your personal information has been verified; Clickers every pub will also provide identification evidence. You are solely responsible for providing all necessary information about your income, deductions and credits to calculate and pay your share of taxes. This is essential as well as for those who live outside of Canada. Télénation will then send you your payments. This step must be followed, and the following.

Articles 9 Interest
Any amount due to Télénation Inc. under this agreement bear interest at the rate of eighteen percent (18% per annum or 1.5% per month) from maturity.

Articles 9.01 Rate change or addition of taxes
Should the rate applicable taxes be amended or a new tax is added during the execution of this contract, any such new rate or such new tax is then applied and the total price is adjusted accordingly.

Articles 9.02 perception charges
If necessary, given the failure to pay the AD Clickers, or to refer the outstanding invoices to a collection agent or lawyer, the viewer must pay Télénation Inc., in addition to the balance due, collection costs.

Article 10 Authorisation of online direct deposit agreement Paypal or Interac
By checking the direct payment, you authorize Télénation filed in the bank account under the terms and conditions of a AD Clickers. Your direct deposit agreement Paypal or Interac can be canceled upon receipt of a notice before the next direct deposit. If some of the details are incorrect, please contact us immediately Télénation Inc.
The direct deposit that will apply to any payments you should receive and which is issued by Télénation Inc. Payments issued by TN include: the paid videos

You should submit only true information when you register online and confirm your enrollment in direct deposit. Any person who deliberately false statements to Télénation Inc. You agree that to electronically submit a Direct Deposit Accession has the same effect and is equivalent to submit by fax, mail or in person direct deposit form signed.

I confirm that the direct deposit checking the profile of online advertising Clickers was completed and constitutes my authorization. The terms of the direct deposit contract shall become effective on the date of registration of the authorization of the agreement completed direct deposit and without your signature is required. Any fraud or illegal activities committed by one or more members are liable to prosecution and the closure of its account.

Your direct deposit agreement Paypal or Interac can be canceled upon receipt of a notice registered the beneficiary the agreed period up to thirty (30) days before the next direct deposit. If some of the above details are incorrect, please contact us immediately info@telenation.tv If the details are correct, you will have nothing else to do and direct deposits will be processed when your balance reaches $ 20.00 .

You have certain recourse rights if a direct deposit does not comply with these conditions. For example, that is not consistent with this direct deposit agreement Paypal or Interac. For more information on your recourse rights, contact your financial institution or visit https://www.interac.ca/fr/consommateur/securite/

Articles 10.01 How direct deposit
In your profile by checking the direct payment agreement Paypal or Interac.

Articles 11 Calculation of rewards and gains
The AD Clickers are invited to watch the video completely and a unique identification number will appear for paid advertisements that must record this number and register for the identification box to accumulate monetary gains.

Article 12 Payment of earnings
Whenever a AD Clickers reached the threshold (twenty) $ 20.00 (CDN) will receive the payment by electronic funds transfer directly into your bank or PayPal account. If this amount is not reached at the end of the month, it will be postponed until a cumulative amount of (twenty) $ 20.00 (CDN).

Articles 13 Electronic transfer by direct deposit,
Payments by direct deposit, should be credited to your bank account within two to four days. If a problem occurs due to a deposit-direct. If the five months following the payment due to you and that you have not received anything, you have the right to request a reissue.

Articles 14 Changing contact information
It is important to provide accurate and coordinated follow this approach in case of personal changes.
Log into your account at www.telenation.tv

Click on “My Account”. Click Profile and update the corresponding fields. Then click Update.
To ensure your safety, you can not edit the fields Name and Surname once your application has been accepted. To initiate changes at these levels you must contact Télénation and your old account will be closed. Once these steps will be taken you can open a new account with your new address.

Article 15 Termination of the contract (for Télénation Inc.)
If the AD Clickers does not respect any of its obligations under this contract despite a formal notice to the latter Télénation Inc. may terminate this contract and immediately remove privileges. It is then required to repay the Clicker member ad, all reached minimum balance (twenty) $ 20.00, subject to all rights and remedies against Télénation Inc.

Articles 15.01 Termination of contract (a Clicker)
Your contract can be canceled by sending a notice by email or post. Télénation is not required to reimburse a Clicker any balance of less than or exceeding (twenty) $ 20.00 (CDN) in a notice of cancellation or unsubscription, therefore an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to you by email.

Article 16 Duration and entry into force
This contract comes into force from the validation by the member of the completed form and without the signature of this contract is necessary. Under Article 2827 of the Quebec Civil Code and Article 39 of the Law concerning the legal framework for information technology provides that it is possible to contract through electronic agents. These terms of contract are concluded for an indefinite period.