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F.A.Q – AD Clickers

What is the procedure after registration?

• You can access your account by logging in to the home page www.telenation.tv above.
• Click Ads and view paid videos marked with the ($) sign or other categories.
• For a paid video immediately after viewing, a unique number validation appear in the small rectangle in the top right at the end of the pub. You will need to enter it in the box provided for this purpose in order to be paid. You have 15 seconds to do, if not try again.
• Your winnings will be given in your PayPal account or bank direct deposit when you reach the minimum amount of $ 20.00.

What is the way to accumulate winnings?

Every time you access your account, go to the videos section will be identified Advertisements paid or free, you have to watch completely before a following. A unique validation number appear at the end in the bin and will be entered in the box provided for this purpose in order to be validated. Gains are defined in the registration conditions.

What kinds of videos are available?

These are advertisements or artistic, you are invited to select the paid or free videos

How are we paid?

You are paid by Paypal or direct deposit the 20th day of each month when you exceed the $ 20.00 threshold for the previous month. For example, if we are May 8th and your balance at April 30, and you have earned a minimum amount of $ 20.00, you will be paid around 20 May. If the amount is lower, the gains are obviously accrued and deferred to the next month.

What are the rules to follow?

• The advertisements or paid art must be viewed completions.
• The confirmation number must be entered in the box provided for this purpose in order to be rewarded or compensated.
• The confirmation number is unique and can be used only once
• Hyperlinks are available to consumers.
• Advertising and artistic videos can be shown repeatedly

Is the cost per click Safe?

The Télénation system constantly checks the source of the request, (identity, country, region, address, computer system).

What are the advantages of advertising system guaranteed by TN?

• You get a quick pay
• The rewards and gains deposited by electronic transfer.
• You can view video ads during the hours you want.
• No specific computer system is required

In case of technical problem, what should I make?

Our technical team is at your disposal to assist you or “click here“.

Currency: All sums of money under this contract refer to the Canadian currency.

Remuneration of AD Clickers: Télénation Inc. accepts and agrees to submit to the pub in Clicker Advertisements against payment of a sum of $ 0.25 per click for advertising and artistic.

• The number of repetition of the pub is determined by the advertiser.
• Winnings are calculated for each completed validation.
• The validation number appears at the end of each pub.
• You have fifteen seconds to register.
• The validation number is different each time.

When you miss the validation number, you must start over again for the system to recognize your winnings.

If the AD Clickers came to know of the problems preventing the normal display advertising, and in case of repeated malfunction, he must notify the technical service at any time.

Payment to the AD Clickers: receiving a payment by Paypal or Interact directly into his bank account. If the minimum amount (twenty) $ 20.00 is not reached at the end of the month, it will be postponed until a cumulative amount of (twenty) $ 20.00 (CDN). When you have reached a minimum balance at the end of the previous month. Payment will be made by bank transfer the 20ièmejour of each month. For example, if the date is May 8 and if the balance on April 30 was a minimum of $ 20.00, you will be paid by bank transfer to the 20th May. If the amount is less, the gains are obviously transferred to the following month.