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isolating the HSTS/HPKP to OriginAttributes so atm every page can basically read that stuff is what youre saying here? Due to my research for HPKP Ill could consider looking into the whole SiteSecurityServiceState.txt tracking-problem again, because although still hardly ever used, HPKP is a thing Id love to use.

Their tool seems like it could create bubbles too. On the other hand they speak similar to their goal is always to actually burst the bubbles. I dont know enough relating to project to express whether this is wishful thinking / marketing language to reassure individuals who theyve been mindful about not jailing users within bubbles so its okay (even though its not due to softwares nature itself), or a potentially semi-efficient tool at breaking Google and Facebooks filter bubbles. For now Ill be nice and guess its both: A filter that is certainly better to break through and for that reason able to replace advantageously Facebooks, which is insidious and invisible.

Recommended reading. If you’re looking to download Audacity go here

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But what made me ultimately deciding against suggesting it, could be the no-need-to-login-to-comment that I love so much about ghacks. I hate creating logins and so rarely contribute anywhere with hardly any exceptions. On most pages Im one among the silent observers although I would like to chime in every once in awhile but cant be bothered with creating a merchant account.

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The only thing for me personally that’s getting better than previously is my exposure to a Mac. Still, I am using my Windows PC but slowly but steadily changing everything over to Mac. Small learning curve and it simply works. Not a Mac fanboy, I think they are quite expensive and I dont care for the close button for the left side. But beneficial to my comfort. So, adios, Microcrap.

I was considering storing my earlier archive backups to a service like BoxBee but theyve gone out of your self-storage business, which basically leaves me with no inexpensive offsite option. I wish someone around would provide the same form of service BoxBee used to $7.50/month per 1 cubic foot storage box with free pickup and $20-30 delivery. Cheapest services now provide a 2×5? space completely unnecessary for hard disk drives at $50/month. Useless.